COVID-19 Update

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At Harlingen Veterinary Clinic we are taking Covid-19 very seriously. We want to let our clients know that we have the means to see patients without putting our clients and staff at risk. We ask that you follow Montgomery Township COVID-19 guidelines by wearing a mask when the technician comes to you. 

  • When you arrive at the clinic, please call 908-359-2000 to let us know you are here and what spot you have parked in.  For your convenience, all parking spots are numbered.
  • If you receive our voicemail, please do not leave a message, call back. 
  • A technician will call you to discuss your pet’s visit. Please let us know if you need any refills of medications or preventatives at this time.
  • A technician will escort your pet into the building for their exam. Please feel free to remain in your car or in one of the many shaded seating options around the property.
  • After your pet has been examined, the veterinarian will call you to discuss the findings and recommended treatments. 
  • You will be transferred to the client service team to schedule any follow-up appointments and handle payment.
  • Your pet will be brought out to you. 

Prescription and food ordering and pick up:

We ask that you call 48hrs before running out of your pet’s prescription medications and days before running out of prescription food. Medication and food deliveries are still being affected by COVID-19 and we ask that you get in the habit of reaching out to us before you run out.  We will text when prescription/food is available for pick up. After you receive the text, please call to arrange payment. We will then instruct you to pick up in our designated area located at spot #9. Only pre-paid medications and food will be placed outside. Prescriptions and food will only be available for pick up during business hours. 

Please have your pet ready to be escorted in. In an effort to accommodate as many pets as possible we ask that you are prompt for your appointment. If you are late, you will be asked to reschedule. We also strongly recommend that you schedule your appointment when you receive your reminders. We have started booking our annual appointments for 2021. Please schedule your recheck appointments before you leave.

We appreciate your continued patience with us!

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