Welcome to Harlingen Veterinary Clinic in Belle Mead, New Jersey. We make every effort to provide a comfortable atmosphere for our clients and patients. At Harlingen, we focus on enhancing the well being of your pet and supporting the human–animal bond.

The mission of Harlingen Veterinary Clinic is to cultivate a strong devotion to the highest quality of veterinary medicine. We will provide professional, progressive and comprehensive care while incorporating integrity, compassion and dedication. We pride ourselves in our ability to nurture the human-animal bond, as well as provide contributions to charities. We will continue to advocate for the well-being of animals and people alike to enrich the lives of those around us.

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We strive to give pets the longest and happiest life with the people that love them.

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited clinic since 1991, our team of veterinarians and support staff adheres to the highest standards of facility and pet care. Only 15% of all practices are AAHA certified (re-accreditation takes place every 3 years). However, our greatest source of pride is found in the praise of our clients and the satisfied purrs and wagging tails of our patients.

Our Veterinary Clinic Offers Cutting Edge, Affordable Care

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic is an animal care facility equipped to handle all medical and surgical needs. From preventive health care services to advanced diagnostic and surgical services, our doctors and staff are trained to manage all of your pet’s needs. We are continually updating our equipment and educating our team to the latest medical information. We know that everyone has a budget and we will work within the confines of your budget to get the best outcome for your pet.

We try to make scheduling a veterinary clinic appointment as convenient as possible for you. There are several ways to easily schedule an appointment for your pet to be seen at our veterinary clinic:

  1. Fill out our online appointment request form
  2. Contact us by phone at 908-359-2000
  3. Stop into our veterinary clinic to schedule an appointment in person. View Map & Directions

Perhaps your school or community group would like to schedule a tour of our facility. We are pleased to offer this opportunity as an informative and enjoyable event for children and adults alike. We may be able to tailor your tour to your group’s interest areas, focusing on topics such as raising healthy pets, alternative veterinary practices, pet adoption, and careers in veterinary medicine. Simply contact our office at 908-359-2000 to discuss your ideas and to schedule your tour.

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic was established in 1989 as an out-patient clinic for Hillsborough Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Christine Newman purchased the practice in 1990 and began working full time at the clinic in October 1991.

Dr. Newman was joined by Julie Briganti, now Julie Palmucci, who had also worked at Hillsborough Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Stephen Schwirck, the founder of Hillsborough Veterinary Hospital, joined the staff in 1995 and has since retired.

These staff members, who are still part of the Harlingen family, worked in the original clinic location—two units in the small strip mall just north of the present location.

The land on which the current clinic sits was purchased in 1995. A lengthy legal battle followed in order to obtain a zoning change for the site. We were fortunate to have the support of our clients and their pets, who packed the municipal town hall one night to speak up in favor of our building.

The current building opened to patients July 1, 2000.

We have grown quite a bit since then and have added many wonderful doctors, client service representatives, and technicians to our Harlingen family. We hope to be an integral part our community for many years to come.

Dr. Newman tells us: “I have learned a great deal from my staff, clients, and patients over the past 25 years, for which I am continually grateful. I can’t wait to see what the next 25 years will bring!”

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